International competence center for regulative and functional medicine

Health Concerns

Whether you want to understand what is going on in your body, focus on prevention or have been diagnosed with a specific condition like a metabolic disorder, autoimmune disease or cancer, we use the proven methods of functional medicine to help you get answers. Read more about how we address each condition.

Our Approach

Every person is different and it is our goal to understand the root cause of your condition. With our many diagnostics , treatments and therapies , we aim to bring the body back into balance because a healthy body can heal itself! Discover our approach and how we bring all the pieces of the puzzles together.

Our Programs

With over 30 years of experience in functional medicine, we offer several intensive packages designed to prevent disease as well as regulate and detoxify your body. Be it for a special, one-week program such as the liver cleanse or the heavy metal detox or a customized 21-day program, find the right package for you or we will design it!

Our Clinic

Located in the Swiss Alps in the village of Castaneda, our clinic (formerly Paracelsus Clinica al Ronc) is the perfect location to rest and recharge. We provide an organic and gluten-free diet, an EMF-reduced environment, excellent water and more. This perfect combination allows optimal regeneration and healing. Explore what we have to offer.

“This is the only clinic to rate above a 7.5 in my cancer research and writing. Swiss Mountain Clinic is a 9.5!”

Robyn Openshaw, best-selling Author, Researcher and Founder of

No matter what point you are at in your journey, the first step is for us to understand who you are. By answering our questionnaire, you give us more information about your condition but also your diet, sleeping habits, mental condition and so much more, which allows us to get a clearer picture of who you are. This information also helps our team to make the best recommendation for you. After all, our concept is not focused around symptoms, but rather the human being as a whole!